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is under way this morning this hour for a massachusetts teen accused of killing a teacher, a grand jury indicted 14-year-old philip c s chisholm yesterday. ical lecnn has been covering th story from the beginning and pamela brown is covering the case. >> you're right christine and john. i was in danvers right after this teacher was murdered and it really stunned the community and now we're learning more horrific details in the story. we have obtained the murder indictment, we obtained that yesterday for 14-year-old philip chisholm. he'll be tried as an adult in superior court for that charge and we're also learning he faces two additional charges for aggravated rape and armed robbery. as of now he's charged as a youthful offender for those. the armed robbery indictment alleges that chisholm armed with a box cutter robbed her of her credit cards, cash and underwear. he sexually assaulted her with an object, this is new information we're learning and this story from the beginning has been so devastating, so horrific, and it's just -- >> it's a teacher that everyone really loved and a com
in watertown, massachusetts right now. correspondence ed lavandera is standing by as is our own john king. give us a quick thought, gerald. let's start with you. this is the hour testifies shot exactly 50 years ago today. >> wolf every minute that pas as we're talking right now, there is something taking place 50 years ago in the setup to the assassination. just a few minutes ago, three of oswald's coworkers in the texas school book depository decided to go downstairs for lunch. one of them said are you coming along to him? he said no, send the elevator back up and they went down. then the next few minutes as the president's coming down main street, it's lee harvey oswald taking some boxes and starting to form the sniper's nest that police will find after the assassination. so the leadup to 12:30 when the president is killed is filled with the time for the preparation, for the killing by oswald. we're passing those every moment as we're speaking right now. >> david kaiser, give me a quick thought as begin our special coverage this hour. you spent a lot of time academiciancally studying this mom
accused of killing a popular teacher in massachusetts is also charged with raping her now. we are learning a lot more from documents that the court has now released today. police say they found a note alongside this young teacher's body. we'll tell you what it said. you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ >> virginia state senator creigh deeds left the hospital three days after surviving a stabbing a parentally at the hands o of his son, and soon after he left the hospital he tweeted, i am alive so i must live. some wounds won't heal. your prayers and friendship are important to me. on tuesday, investigators say senator deeds got into some sort of altercation with his 24-year-old son, gus deeds. police say the son apparently stabbed his father several times and then s
, massachusetts. caller: good morning. i was born on march 21, 1960, so at the time i would have been a little over three and a half years old. i always remember, my first congress in memory that i ever had was being in the kitchen of our third-floor apartment and my mother crying. i remember asking her, you know, what was wrong, why was she crying, and she came out and said that it bad man or someone had shot the president. to this day i would give a million dollars to remember the questions i am sure i probably asked her as any three and a half-year-old would. she was a strong woman and really did not cry that often, but i remember to this day her crying and that really affected her like i guess they did the rest of the nation. every time i hear of the assassination, i always think that that was the first thing that i really remember happening in my life, my mother, how hard she took it that day. that is all i have to say. thank you. host: thank you for the call. i want to go back to one of the iconic photographs, november 22, the open air motorcade with the president and first lady. in fron
's insurance fix and will not let insurers fix cancelled plans. they are joining massachusetts, new york and this is where the enrollment is going well so they don't want to disrupt that. >> bertha coombs, appreciate it. >>> coming up, a look at baltimore's leaky infrastructure and the money being washed away with it as mission critical, fixing american cities continues. >>> google is coming out with something new. they will offer a prepaid debit card so you can pay at stores and withdrawal cash from atms. it's called the wallet card because it's tied to a smart phone app that works like paypal. the card will be free with no monthly or annual fees. >>> shares of tesla have taken a pounding after a series of battery fires but owners of tesla still love their cars and a new consumererer port says tesla model s received the highest customer satisfaction rating of any car the magazine surveys in years with owners giving the score 99 out of 100. >> wow. >>> all this week nbr looked at troubled finances of big american cities. today, we looked at baltimore plagued by leaks, not leaks of inform
small business, another small business wants a $20 co-pay. so we know that from the massachusetts connector experience in small group market and we know that based on the commercial side of the market. and i have a private board that made many of these decisions with a lot of input from policy stakeholder workgroups. so we decided early on that we wanted, that we didn't want to limit products. we wanted carriers to be as innovative as they wanted to be. the one early decision that we made, which was unanimously recommended by all stakeholders including consumer groups, providers and carriers was that we would not allow benefits substitutions to the central health benefits package. and so that products could have additional benefits like acupuncture as an example, if not one of the core benefits. so the variation in product is really additional benefits on top of the essential health benefits benchmarked and the variation in your out of pocket liability. so the co-pay, coinsurance, et cetera. >> thank you. spent thank you. i also work in coalition with many asian-american organizat
. >>> the massachusetts high school student accused of killing his math teamer has been indated. prosecutors charged 14-year-old phillip chisliip chism. he stole her credit cards, underwear, and phone. ke had previously pleaded not guilty to murder charges. >>> kennedy cousin skakel woke up a free man for the first time in 11 years. he faces a possible retrial in the 1975 murder of his neighbor martha moxley. last month the judge ruled he was not properly represented in his original trial. >>> and overseas, a man and a woman who were arrested on charges who held three women as virtual slaves for decades are free on bail. the women were rescued from a house in london and are said to be doing remarkably well under the circumstances. mark phillips reports. >> reporter: police said they moved in on a house in london after they discovered a tip that three women had been held there against their will for 30 years. a woman's protection charity arranged for the escape and the police arrested an m and a woman both in their 60s. the trapped women had apparently been allowed out occasionally but only under strict
. the senate was in session. ironically, the 31-year-old senator from massachusetts, ted kennedy was presiding at that moment. guest: that is right. as many of your viewers know, being the presiding officer is more of a chore than a position of power. the power in the senate resides with the two floor leaders. being in the chair is pretty ceremonial. sign -- islways is a assigned to a freshman. he was one of 10 a freshman in that class. he was the youngest of the bunch at 31 years old. hort strahl s and was presiding at the lunch hour. as was typical, there was no roll call vote that day. they started preliminary debate on legislation the following week. there was some pulmonary debate going on. this was 20 minutes after the shots were fired. a messenger came in and informed senator kennedy as the -- i had never seen that before. that was a moving bit of footage. it happened just like that. he slipped out of the room. a general hubbub ensued. a guy named winston from vermont was giving a speech about library construction. said, woulde morse the senator yield for an emergency. that got everyone
of massachusetts and boston households. i covered the kennedy family throughout my career. they had a cautious choice to have no representation at the ceremony today. they don't like to talk about the assassination of kennedy. you mentioned jean kennedy smith at arlington to. ethyl was there on wednesday. look at this one, caroline kennedy, the surviving daughter of jack kennedy's family, she moved to tokyo recently to become the u.s. ambassador, and make no mistake about the timing. she went there just in recent days. she wanted to be out of the country and starting her new job so she didn't have to be part of this. but i will say here in dallas, you mentioned, they had the reputation of the city of hate. it's been a hard time for the city and the city deserves credit for the respectful ceremony despite some adverse weather conditions. >> it was beautiful. thank you so much in dallas. from the president to the former first lady, jacqueline kennedy. she was known really around the world for her exquisite taste in fashion. but it was that pink suit, one of her favorites, and she was wearing tha
is that lyndon johnson, john mccormick of massachusetts, who is the speaker of the house, he is next in line. we were told a few minutes ago the u.s. -- there were four jet airplanes at andrews air force base ready for takeoff for technet -- for texas. and perhaps they only have. presumably, to bring numbers of the party back here, and/or to take members of the kennedy family to texas. details as yet, but i assume mr. johnson will return to washington immediately and will take over the late resident kennedy's duties. that is about all of the detail we have at the moment. as reported earlier, senator edward kennedy, the president's brother, was presiding over the senate in lyndon johnson's absence. the vice president, when he leaves his job in the senate can turn to gavel over to any member. in this case, senator edward theedy was presiding when word came of the shooting. at that time, it was not known whether the president was dead or alive. a reporter in the press gallery upstairs overlooking the senate gave the war to a senate page, who then went down and told senators on the floor -- gave a w
-old massachusetts boy has now been formally indicted for allegedly raping and killing his algebra teacher. philip chism is phasing first-degree murder as an adult. prosecutors say chism raped 24-year-old colleen ritzer in inside the school and dumped her body in a nearby woods. the young teacher had reportedly stayed behind to discuss an upcoming exam with the boy. >>> one of the biggest injustices of the last century. the scotts borough boys wrongly convicted in the rape of two white women in alabama in 1931. six of them later cleared or pardoned but three others, haywood patterson and charles wing and andy wright remain convicted felons until now, some eight decades later. the state has officially pardoned them. >> long time coming. >>> after more than a decade behind bars, mike skakel is now a free man. he was relieved from prison weeks after his conviction for the 1975 murder of a neighbor was vacated. his bail set at $2.1 million. the appeals process could take years. >>> the s.e.c. is considering a plan that would let airline passengers use their cell phones in flight. the proposal would li
. welcome. mr. david -- correct? commissioner of banks for the terminal of massachusetts, serving in that position since november of 2010 overseeing the supervision of over 200 banks and credit unions with assets in access of 325 billion. he's the active contributor to consumer protection efforts both in massachusetts and nationally. in 20 # 13, he was elect as vice chairman of the board of directers of the conference of state bank supervisors on whose behalf he testifies here today. welcome. >> chairman warner, ranking members kirk and heller, and members of the subcommittee, i'm jennifer, the director of treasuries financial crimes enforcement network. i'm pleased to be here today to discuss the important regulatory enforcement and analytical work we're doing to prevent illicit actors from exploiting the u.s. financial system from technological advances create new ways to move money. recognizing the potential for abuse of emerging new payment methods and understanding that anti-money laundering protections must keep pace with these advancements, we began working with partners ye
this teenager for killing a popular teacher in massachusetts. yesterday 14-year-old philip chism was indicted for first-degree murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery. prosecutors say chism's algebra teacher tried to talk to him about a test. they say chism attacked and killed her and then dumped her body in the woods behind the school. prosecutors are pushing for chism to be tried as an adult. >>> new york congresswoman grace ming says the knockout game may be the reason she was punched in the head earlier this week according to "u.s. news & world report." someone held her up at 8 and e street, not far from the metro station. the thief took off with her bag. she is okay. the knockout game is when you punch a passerby in the head with as much force as you can. the goal is to make the person lose consciousness with one punch. >>> this morning more parents are stepping forward and speaking out against a woodbridge daycare center. last week news 4 told you about two workers at minnieland academy fired for allegedly abusing the children, accused of stepping on children's toes, spr spraying them
for one small business and another small business wants a $20 co-pay, we know that from the massachusetts connector periods -- from the massachusetts connector experience we know that. we have a lot of input from policy workgroups. we decided early on that we did not want to limit product. we wanted carriers to be as innovative as they wanted to be. the one early decision that we made which was unanimously recommended by a variety of groups and carriers, it was that benefit not allow substitutions to the benefit packages. benefits likeonal acupuncture, as an example, but it is not a core benefit. in productsn includes additional benefits on top of the essential benefit. the variation in your out up rocket -- out-of-pocket life. >> thank you. you.ank i am with voice of vietnamese americans. with theon has to do language barrier. have you seen problems? you have 11 languages on paper, and only 2 lane which is online for the application. we have a high percentage of asian americans and the number is rising. i don't know if you have numbers from how many asian-americans are co
, massachusetts, minnesota and washington state. >> this may be a dumb question, but for these big insurers, you mentioned stig in cigna, the bl out there, can they go and do what they want if they're not part of 9 obama care exchange? >> no, that depends on what the insurance regulators say. obama? >> no, that depends on what the insurance regulators say. in new jersey, the regulator hasn't weighed in. florida is pushing for it and texas is pushing for it. but the regulators there -- some of the relation late informatioinformation regulate informations are worried about the confusion. >> jones who is pro obama care wants to have the renewals. can he tell the other insurance companies in california go ahead and renew? >> he can't because they have contracts with the cexchange on the type of plans that they will sell and that's why the covered california exchange can have this kind of influence on these particular insurers. those that are not selling on the exchange like cigna are fine. they have the insurance regulator's blessing. but the exchange plans cannot. >> many thanks. appreciate it. >>>
of the state's rejecting his proposal are blue states. they include new york, massachusetts, washington, ryland, and vermont. another obamacare embarrassment for help secretary kathleen subereous just two days after cameras caught are witnessing health care crash right in front of her eyes. we are learning that the website is a bust in her home state of kansas. just 371 people have signed up for coverage in kansas. and walmart blue cross blue shield doing its best to taken advantage of the websites failure. take a look at their new ad. >> things don't always work like they are supposed to. good thing the government exchange website is that the only place to buy health insurance. lou: it is a bitter pill for the president to swallow, even the liberal media now seems to have had enough of obamacare. time magazine's newest cover says it all with a headline and a broken promise, what it means for this presidency. it is unlikely this will help turn around the president's 37 percent approval rating. >> congressman corey gardner, a member of the energy and commerce committee and subcommittee on oversi
is the real problem. the real problem is that we have shown in massachusetts that this can work. that young people will sign up. that the incentives will work. the problem we have now is that, there has been so much dust thrown up. so many charges hurled against the affordable care act. that i worry that many of the people that we need off to soon up in order for the pools to work in order for most people to get the benefits that michael was talking about. will hold back. they went sign up. and i think that is frankly part of the republican strategy. you see it failed. i think the affordable care act could work if given of a chance. all this commotion is not going to make things easier. >> michael. you wrote a become about the struggles of implementing the new deal under fdr. there are similarity here aren't there? >> i think anybody who, who examines the 1930s. and the new deal has to be struck by the parallels between what happened then and what has been happening now. i think the lesson is that any time you up end this status quo as franklin roosevelt did in the 1930s. barack obama has d
to massachusetts. the family comes from boston. it is assumed they are going there to be with the parents of the present. the last we have on mrs. kennedy when she was at the hospital where the president died. she is not at the hospital now, but we should respect her privacy. mrs. johnson is no doubt with the new president johnson. >> for the last few hours, we have been green you that november 22, 19 63, news coverage from nbc. part of our coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. a live look at the kennedy gravesite, the eternal flame in our little -- in arlington, across from the nation's capital. we will take you live to dallas in a sort -- a short bit. it is scheduled to start at 12:30 eastern. we will have that live. afternoon we will bring you this germany from the john f. kennedy memorial library in boston. the library and museum. as well we will give you the opportunity to weigh in with your thoughts by twitter them on the phone, all of that coming up just a bit later on here on c- span. the funeral was held three days after the assassina
accessibility standards in schools overseas. i have met with recovering veterans at home in massachusetts. i have met with them at walter reed. they want very simply a world where they can be independent, go out and fend for themselves, where they can travel abroad to work or study or vacation, and they should never have to worry about whether the disabilities sustained fighting on our behalf are going to prevent them from accessing the classroom, a workplace, a hotel, or transportation overseas. like all people with disabilities, they deserve a world where they can fully participate in the global economy on equal terms without fear of discrimination or loss of dignity. joining the disabilities treaty will also expand opportunities for american students with disabilities, who need to be able study abroad to prepare themselves to compete in the global economy. i want you to take the example of a person who is one of the outstanding interns at the state department. she is here today. she is a graduate student with dreams of a career in foreign affairs. she happens to also be deaf. two years ag
-old massachusetts boy faces charges in the rape and murder of his teacher, an undietment indictment said he had a box cutter and accused of stealing the victim's underwear, credit card and iphone. a person indicted for murder is free for now and released thursday on bond and bail was $1.2 million. he served 11 years in prison since being found guilty in the death of martha moxly and the judge said he is entitled to a new trial saying his attorney did not adequately represent him. alabama granted pardums and the tri were accused of a rape in 1931 and some were dropped in 1937 and another one in 136 was pardoned and helped to launch the civil rights movement. in november 1963 john f. kennedy was shot and rushed to the hospital. it's an amount that dallas surgeons have never forgotten and al jazeera heidi joins us from dallas where she spoke with the doctors who tried to save the fatally wounded president. good morning to you heidi. >> good morning, tom. we are here and to the right is the grassy knoll where 50 years ago today the sniper lee harvey oswald shot john f. kennedy and that was five dec
a new trail. >>> a massachusetts grand jury indicted 14-year-old chism for murder, rape and robbery. the indictments detail horrific and unspeakable acts. chism allegedly assaulted and killed his algebra teacher colleen ritzer. >>> the companion of an 85-year-old believe there is a terrible misunderstanding and hopes north korea releases meryl norman soon. they were on an organized tour and boarded the plane when he was detained. >>> a cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport took off without incident on a runway a mile and a half shorter than it needs. what caused it to land at a airport 12 miles from it's intended destination? >> speaking of planes, i agree, no cell phones, we don't want them. >> i agree. >>> the plane landing at the wrong airport is crazy. >> but not unique. >> really? >> absolutely. pilots coming into land where airports might be close to each other and on the same configuration and runway settings, get confused or don't concentrate at the key moment. they see a runway, it's got the right number, they start the approach in to land. >> wow. >> i can tell you
in massachusetts. >> you guys are crawling all over him. i'm using you guys. the media were calling all over the technical details of his business dealings, of, you know, they called him a vulture capitalist. they went after the takeovers. these companies, who was fired, who was not. they went into real detail about that but the actual obamacare law and the predictions of hospitals not taking insurance, doctors retiring, costs going up, those were real concerns that the media, for the most part, just kind of like well, no, this is a good idea for people to get covered there was a difference that romney was covered with great scrutiny and this policy was not. >> laura, you want to rerack the tape from my previous answer i think the press, anyone who denies that there was a failing -- at the same time, republicans did not run against this in part because mitt romney didn't. >> i agree with you on that. >> barack obama knew he wasn't going to run for re-election defending the program. part of the flaws of the way the media works. if the candidates aren't talking about it gets less coverage. no
in massachusetts where this happened and he is "outfront" with the latest. this story captured the country's attention just because of the bizarre, horrific nature of it. remime us what happened and what we're learning. >> it gets more horrific. if that can even happen. what we're learning, i'll tell you what happened. on october 22nd, he was in school. according to people who were there. he wasn't paying attention in class. and so miss ritzer kept him after school to make sure to try to help him. and then apparently she had to go to the bathroom. the bathroom was locked. she goes into the second floor student bathroom. he follows her in and that's when prosecutors say he killed her. that's when they believe he killed her. but they're saying tonight that he raped her and they're charging her with aggravated rape. that is a new develop many in this case. they're saying it is aggravated because they believe she suffered really almost mortal bodily, serious injuries during that rape or they charged with that that happen in the commission of another crime which is in the process of being murde
. >>> a massachusetts grand jury has indicted 14-year-old philip chisolm for murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery. prosecutors said the enindictment enindictments charge horrific acts. he allegedly killed his teacher last month. the traveling companion of an 85-year-old man arrested in north korea believes there's been a terrible misunderstanding and hopes he's released soon. the two were on an organized tour and had boarded their flight home when new man was obtained last month. a mammoth cargo plane that landed at the wrong kansas airport yesterday took off today without incident on a runway half a mile shorter than it usually uses. an investigation has begun to determine what caused the pilot to land at the small airport in wichita 12 miles from its intended destination, mcconnell air force base. i agree with you and richard, no cell phones. we down the want them. >> you fly a lot, gary, thanks. richard is here. the plane landing at the wrong airport is kind of crazy >> yes, but it's not unique. pilots coming in to land where airports might be close to each other and on the same configuration
. time now is 421. more details may be released in court and the death of a popular massachusetts teacher who police say was killed by one of her students. various media organize it should have asked the judge to search warrants and other documents in the case of 14 year-old phillip chisholm. --chism. some of those documents are expected to be made public today. chism has been held without bail since shortly after the october 27th slaying of 24 year-old colleen ritzer, whose body was found behind danvers high-school. he was indicted thursday on charges of murder, aggravated sexual assault and armed robbery. authorities say he sexually assaulted reserve--ritzer with an object before killing and robbing her. >>james: officials said they are calling off the search for two passengers missing after a jet crash and off the coast of florida. officials found two of the plane's four passengers shortly after the crash that happened tuesday night. just before the crash the pilot sent out a distress call over ended in failure. he tried to fly back to the airport and crashed about 4 mi. from fort laud
, as governor deval patrick laid a wreath at the kennedy statue, outside the massachusetts statehouse. >> ♪ oh beautiful... ♪ america, america ♪ >> across the >> reporter: across the city, music marked the day at the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum. ♪ and excerpts of his speeches were read aloud, including the address to the nation on civil rights, in june of 1963, five months before the assassination. >> we are confronted primarily with a moral issue. it is as old as the scriptures and as clear as the american constitution. the heart of the question is whether all americans are to be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities. >> reporter: the remembrances extended around the world as well. in britain, kennedy's granddaughter-- tatiana schlossberg-- laid a wreath at a memorial to the slain president. >> we have come here today to honor his memory as this monument does so well. but today is a difficult day as it is a reminder of a moment of profound sadness for my family, for america and for the world. >> reporter: and back in washington, the 44th president met with
massachusetts senator honoring another right now. secretary of state john kerry visiting president john f. kennedy's grave site at arlington national cemetery before heading to a meeting in geneva on iran's nuclear program, happening just seconds ago. >>> in case you missed it, tonight you can watch the film "the assassination of president kennedy" at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. >>> coming up on "the lead," we continue our coverage of the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's death. later i speak to a secret service agent in dallas that day who for decades blamed himself for not doing more to save the man he was sworn to protect. >>> he's come to the defense of chris christie but is he secretly hoping to run against him in 2016? could scott walker be his biggest challenger in 2016? we'll have a chat about that. ♪ morning, turtle. ♪ my friends are all around me ♪ my friends, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ [ male announcer ] the 2014 chevrolet traverse... all set? all set. [ male announcer ] ...with three rows of spacious sea
indictment against the massachusetts teenager accused of killing his teacher. it says that philip chisom sexually assaulted her before killing and robbing her. he brought a box cutter, a mask, gloves and several changes of clothes to school. her body was found behind the high school with a note that read "i hate you all." >>> one of the last cell phone free zones could disappear. the proposal will formally be introduced in december with time for public comment. the flight attendants union is against it questioning the safety. an informal poll among my producers and me, we all think it's a horrible idea. >>> stocks moving deeper into record territory after the dow closed above the 16,000 mark for the first time yesterday while investors made some money. starbucks baristas are getting a little pay cut of sorts. paycheck, i guess you would say. cnbc's jackie deangeles is here with what's moving your money. so this is about a federal appeals court saying baristas have to share their tips with their supervisors? >> hi, good morning, chris. that's exactly right. a very interesting case. that f
. >> massachusetts, catherine on the democrats line. good evening. to say, bravo, senator harry reid. it is about time. we need something to change. i think it is a good change. >> i appreciate all your calls. more of them ahead tomorrow on washington journal. we will tell you we will spend much of the day tomorrow here on c-span focusing on the 60th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. we will hear from david hawkins, how the talk about white house and washington d.c. prepared for jfk's funeral. after that, richard reeves talks about the legacy of john f. kennedy 50 years after his death. also, paul gregory, a family friend of the assassin, lee to my -- oswald, will be morning. it starts our all-day coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination here on c-span. next up, we will take you to some of the senate floor following change and filibuster rules. you will hear from senator chuck grassley and one of the three democrats who voted did not favor the filibuster rules changes. senator carl levin of michigan. -- that we've taken today. thank you very much, leader
one day, hawaii, idaho, kentucky, maryland, massachusetts, minnesota, nevada, new mexico, new york, oregon, rhode island, utah, vermont, and washington state. in all parts of our country, some with republican governors, some with democratic governors, but all with people who need leadership to help them find health care that they can afford. and it makes up nearly 40% of all the nation's small employers are in these states. that's who we're focused on today. we all know that the rollout of the individual insurance website has been disappointing, to say the least, but today's hearing is focused on implementing the rollout of the s.h.o.p. exchanges, which is the focus of our committee, where we had a lot of input into how this bill was designed, to emphasize the need for a better rollout, not just for individuals, but for small businesses. today, as i said, we are joined by states that accepted this challenge and responsibility to create state-based exchanges and did it well, as well as those who are having difficulty. for those states that have made the decision to operate their own
right now that unlike massachusetts where you had a republican governor romney and a democratic legislature working to fix it as it came out. here any fix, anything that is being done to the law is being done in the face of tremendous opposition. martha: they are not improving that situation yesterday with this nuclear option. they arer in never going to get together now. >> martha, you are right on target. you just exploded the nuclear option. right now it's too polar eye --o polarized in this town. bill: that on the heels of another delay and obamacare. democrats changing the rules in the senate. what about that? hypocrisy? martha: chilling 911 calls just released of the moment an armed man hijacked a school bus that was packed with children. >> it's okay, calm down. >> he got on the school bus with a knife with the bus driver and they are driving down the street. bill: eight years ago republicans were just talking about changing the rules in the senate and democrats railed against it. >> the right of free and open debate is taken away from the minority parties and the million
-songwriter james taylor and massachusetts governor deval patrick. >> this weekend, american history tv looks back at the assassination of jfk and its aftermath with eyewitness accounts, scene seems from the president's trip to texas and commemorative events from dealey plaza and the jfk library and newseum. also your chance to talk to authors and historians saturday at five eastern with dollars 1963 co-author. coverage continues sunday with lyndon johnson's november 27 address to congress, and your questions live with lbj biographer. remembering jfk on american history tv, this weekend on c-span3. >> on tuesday, former british ambassador to the us sir thank you spoke for about an hour before the british foreign affairs committee on the status of u.k./u.s. relations. he served as the and capacitor from 2007-2012 and talked about the challenges working with the various foreign department. you give notice influence in syria and libya, the role of vice president and diplomatic talks have the bridge me to proceed relations with the u.s. >> quarter. our second witness today is no stranger to this. nige
for the isenberg school of management at the university of massachusetts amherst, and she's received numerous awards including the john f. kennedy profiles in courage award, she's twice been named as the second most powerful woman in the world by "forbes" magazine, and she was named by harvard magazine and the washington post magazine as one of seven of america's top leaders. so we will hear from sheila bair. ron has had two stints with national journal and with atlantic media. in between he was national affairs columnist and national political correspondent for the los angeles times and while there was twice a finalist for the pulitzer prize for his coverage of presidential elections. he is the steady hand behind all the editorial coverage across our company and writes often for both the national journal and the atlantic, has a weekly column in national journal and has covered lots of beats for us, most of them here in washington at the white house and as national politics correspondent and was west coast correspondent for some time as well. so i welcome to the stage ron brownstein and sheil
yet. maybe one day. hawaii, idaho, kentucky, maryland, massachusetts, nevada, new mexico, new york, rhode island, vermont, and washington state. in all parts of the country, some with republican governors, some with republican legislators, some democratic legislators but all with people who need leadership to help them find health care they can afford and it makes up nearly 40% of all of the nations small employers in the state. we know that the rollout of the individual website has been disappointing to say the least. but today's hearing is focused on the rollout of the shop exchanges which is the focus of our committee where we had a lot of input into how the bill was defined to emphasize the need for the rollout not just for individuals but businesses. today as i said we are joined by states accepted the challenge and responsibility to create the state-based exchanges and did it well as well as those that are having difficulty. for those states that made the decision to operate their own shop marketplaces we are already seeing evidence. i was completely happy to see them spoke t
a massachusetts chemist to plead guilty to faking lab results in criminal cases. those questionable results jeopardized thousands of con jictions. the judge has indicted -- indicated she would impose a sentence of no more than three to five years if the plea was changed to guilty. >>> praise for a north carolina police officer who put himself in danger to stop a wrong-way driver tuesday going 60 miles an hour, andrew schofield got his car between the other driver and oncoming cars and turn on his sirens. the officer stopped his car and took the collision. schofield was treated for minor injuries after the crash. the driver was diabetic and may have been having a seizure at the time. just an idea of how brave the men and women in uniform are. our congratulations to him. we hope he has a speedy recovery. chris, those are your headlines. >>> charges were dropped against two florida teens accused of bullying a 12-year-old to death. the controversy around this case is ongoing. is charging kids with felonies the key to stopping bullying? it's a provocative question. if that's not the answer, what
in the berkshires, massachusetts. anything can be a currency. in the digital realm, there is nothing stopping us from having -- i am holding my hand up like this all the time because i am picturing on your mobile phone what is essentially a rainbow of different currency options to make payments at a merchant or online, depending on which which transaction, makes the most sense for you as a consumer in that particular moment. host: i was just thinking, that sounds very complicated. that future of deciding which currency to use the side -- based on what you are buying. yes and no. 10 years ago my default mode was to picture a cash register. you would be crazy to think that it would be yen, euros, dollars, pesos, etc.. you are going to provide correct change in all of these? convertd you be able to the proper exchange rate in that time and place? yourobile ubiquity in pocket, you have these computers that can do all of this convergence on the fly. present to people the obvious value proposition. an example that i like to use, it sounds cutesy on the surface but it is legitimate, i think, something
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